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Harmath utilizes the most advanced equipment and reliable brands to guarantee the optimal performance of your cooling system.

Ice Machines

Our ice machines are manufactured using premium materials with quality certifications, and specially trained technicians. With over 30 years of experience in the area of refrigeration, you can be sure you will receive a high-quality system that provides top performance and efficiency, at low maintenance costs. Some of the ice types we offer:

  • Tube Ice
  • Ice Banks
  • Block Ice
  • Flake Ice
  • Slurry Ice
  • Cube Ice

We also supply other brands of new or used ice machines.


Custom chillers manufactured by Harmath come in all sizes, capacities, and satisfy any system requirements. We provide compact designs with high efficiency and excellent performance. Designs can be implemented for indoor or outdoor operation, water or glycol heat transfer medium, scroll, reciprocating, or screw type compressors. We only use valves, vessels, pipe, and structural material with U.S.A quality certifications. Electrical panels controlled via PLC, with optional wireless monitoring systems compatible with most computers, tablets, and smart phones. We also supply other brands for new or used chillers, ask for an estimate and compare pricing for the ultimate level of security on your investment.

Skid Mounted Compressors

Harmath designs and assembles skid mounted compressor systems for specific client requirements. With choices in control systems, refrigerants, capacities, motors and compressors, we are likely to have a system for your application. We build our systems with motors, valves, vessels, pipe, and structural material with U.S.A quality certification. We work with reciprocating and screw compressors from the following partners:

  • Bitzer
  • Vilter
  • York
  • Howe
  • Gea Fess
  • Mycon
  • Carlyle

Evaporative Condensers

Harmath manufactures evaporative condensers with condensation through air, as well as condensation through water using cooling towers. An evaporative condenser is used to remove excess heat from a cooling system, when the heat cannot be used for other purposes. We design our units with the most advanced and internationally recognized heat-exchange technology, with a suitable maintenance structure and large access hatches for convenient inspection. Compact design, high efficiency, great heat-exchange performance, at the best price on the market.

Cold Storage & IQF

Harmath manufactures reliable, compact, and efficient freezing tunnels and Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) systems tailor made to the client’s needs. Harmath IQF and freezing tunnels are backed with high-quality materials and design, as well as the latest sanitation features and technology.

Spare Parts and Accessories

As manufacturers, Harmath can supply all the spare parts and accessories for our systems, that you could need in the future. Very far into the future. We work directly with parts manufacturers such as: Hansen, Henry, Sporland, Danfoss, Parker, Johnson Controls, amongst others. We also provide parts and rebuild kits for the following compressor manufacturers: Mycon, Vilter, Bitzer, Howe, Trane, Carlyle, York, Sabroe, Copeland, Worthington, Thermo-king, Kriwan, Chrys-airtemp, and Dunham-Bush.

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