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At Harmath we offer all aspects of expertise and support to our clients from start to completion

Design and Consultancy

Harmath Designs, calculates, manufactures, installs, and performs preventative maintenance of: Water-chillers, air conditioning systems, freezing tunnels, refrigerated storage, cold rooms with controlled humidity and temperature, marine refrigeration systems, ice machines of tube, cube, stick, flake, block and slurry Ice type, ice banks, Evaporative Condensers, Heat Exchangers Shell and Tube type, tube coils of any material, etc. We work with both Ammonia and Freon refrigerants. Harmath, designs custom equipment to the client’s needs, we adapt the machinery to your budget and physical space. We design high-efficiency equipment to see our customer achieve their production goals. Harmath structures, plans, and arranges the distribution of your factory from the beginning, to minimize material costs, and to maximize any existing resources when incorporating new equipment on an existing system.

Installation and Projects

Harmath has no limit on refrigeration ton capacity installation. We do our own permitting, travel to your location to diagnose and service your system, and finish our work cleanly and on schedule. Harmath offers installation supervision, commissioning services, existing equipment diagnosis, industrial equipment tear-down and rebuilds, and performance follow-ups.

Some of our happy clients in over 40 years of service:

Unilever – Food producer
Heinz – Food producer
Colgate – Hygiene products
Alpla – Plastic products
Pfizer – Drugs products
Protinal – Poultry products
Proagro – Poultry products
Mavesa – Food producer
Kraft – Food producer
Henkel – Chemical products
Schlumberger -Chemical products
Pepsi Co – Beverage products
Indulac – Dairy producer
Spiegel & Utrera – Management
Guerra Mendez – Hospital
Eurosuits – Hotel
Intercontinental – Hotel
American Beverage-Beverage products
Rivera Nursing – Hospital
World Class Flower – Cold storage
Falcon Farm – Cold storage
Gourmet logistic – Cold storage
Bitzer – Compressor manufacturer
Steel Home – Builder
Queen Flower – Cold storage
P&P Constructing – Builder
Jackson Memorial Hospital – Hospital
Checkers and Rally’s – Restaurant chain
Colour Republic – Cold storage
American Food – Cold storage
Bouquest Collection – Cold storage
Lax Floral – Cold storage
Seafrigo – Cold storage
Gems Group – Cold storage

Maintenance and Repair


Harmath provides industrial HVAC/R maintenance services that may be scheduled weekly, biweekly, monthly, per contract, or upon client request. You may request our contract form to evaluate if a maintenance contract is the right move for your business. If you need maintenance services done by highly qualified technicians, send us a message at We offer long-term corrosion treatment that can extend the life of your used or new equipment and keep it operating at peak efficiency.

We provide protection to your equipment through water scale elimination processes, which extends the service life of your water chillers and water condensers, and at the same time reduces power consumption, and maintains high efficiency.


Harmath repairs water chillers, air conditioning systems, freezing tunnels, marine refrigeration systems, ice machines, and cold storage, amongst others. We offer an emergency repair service available 24/7.

Equipment Rebuilds

We know refrigeration systems inside and out. When equipment replacement is not an option, we can perform overhauls to return your system to its original condition, thereby extending the life of your investment. We advise clients on what may be the best option, always balancing costs and value.

Parts Supply and Export

Harmath cares for your investment and we ensure that your equipment will arrive at its final destination safely; this is why we offer export services for your equipment, parts, and accessories. We load and transport from our facility (FOB, or CIF) to your desired cargo company. We issue TLC export documents for tax reduction or exception (if applicable).

Ready to get started?

Contact us, we can help you find the right refrigeration solution for your business.